Content Bins

With 12 different content bin types, you can build your backend to spec, not hack it into mediocracy. Choose the closest fit, and then perfect it with custom fields and other options.

Bin Description
Single-Entry Suitable for managing a single, non-repeating set of content.
Multi-Entry The most versatile content bin. Handles a list of entries, each formatted similarly. Turn on comments, subscribers, and tags for the perfect blog solution.
Settings A list of custom fields. Great for a dynamic config sheet, language settings, or design controls.
Photo Gallery Create and manage photo albums.
Banners A Multi Entry section centered around an image. Ideal for banners and header images, and the perfect solution for a hero area photo changer.
Media A Multi Entry centered around a file uploader. This section works well for items that require an attached document, song, or video.
Podcasting Create and manage a podcast. Includes all the fields needed to create and distribute a podcast to iTunes, or through standard RSS.
Events A Multi Entry section with easy date creation. Simply choose a start and end date from the calendar, then easily filter past or future events with Osmek's API.
Shows An Events section geared towards touring artists. Osmek auto fills venue addresses, urls and other info. Just start typing the venue name, and you'll see a list of popular venues appear.
Guestbook A stand alone comments section, perfect for creating a facebook style wall.
Contact & Mailer Manage a list of contacts or subscribers, and send email campagins. Contacts can be added individually, by CSV and vCard files, or dynamically through our API.
Advertising Create ad campaigns and track clicks and impressions.