Content Bins - Other Options

By visiting the settings page inside a content bin, you can manage all sorts of different options, giving you incredible control over the end user experience. Below is a list of all options, some of which may not be available in every content bin type.


Option Description
URL Title A unique URL safe title is generated for every item in Osmek. You can turn on or off the ability to view and edit that title.
Date Published Give the user the ability to edit the published date of an item. This is handy if you want to schedule items to publish at a future date.
Tags Most content bin types include tagging functionality. Turn this on to allow tag management.
Categories Most content bin types include the ability to create categories.
Comments Almost all content bin types allow comments on items. Turn this one to allow commenting. Options also exist for requiring comment moderation, and sending comment notifications.
Subscriptions Every content bin can house a list of subscribers, and send an email to that list whenever new content is created.
Photo Turn on a dedicated photo upload field in the sidebar. (Using custom fields is now preferred to this option).
File Turn on a dedicated file upload field in the sidebar. (Using custom fields is now preferred to this option).
Permalink You can define a permalink url structure for use in templates, rss feeds & subscription emails. Example:[url_title].
Postback Notifications Osmek can send notifications about new and updated content to a URL you set here. You may also define this under Account Settings, to be used for all content bins. Note: if you define this for a single content bin, any value listed under Account Settings will be ignored.

Language Settings

Predefined field labels can be defined there. A usefull example: If you're using a Multi-Entry section to manage a list of staff bios, you may prefer that the "Title" field be labeled "Name", or the "Description" field be labeld "Biography".

Image Sizes

When an image is uploaded to Osmek, several copies are saved at different sizes. Each content bin can have it's own list of image size rules. You can create custom image sizes, or override the default size rules by creating new ones with the same size extension.