Custom Fields

Every content bin can include an unlimited number of custom fields.

Field Description
Input An
field. Suitable for a simple value or single line of text.
Textarea A
field. Great for values that need multiple lines of text.
Checkbox A checkbox.
Drop-down A drop down field. Define the values for the field, or have them filled with values from another content bin.
field that will auto format a URL. Example: "" will be formatted to ""
Photo A file uploader that accepts images only.
File A file uploader
Video Enter a YouTube or Vimeo video URL. Osmek will find and save it's embed code and meta data for use through the API.
Color A graphical color chooser that saves a hex value, such as #FFFFFF.
Geocode Start typing an address and a google map will pop up showing location results. Choose the right one, and Osmek will save it's formatted address, latitude, longitude, and google map embed code for use through the API.
Date Save a formated date, with pop up calendar selection.
Time Formats a 12 hour time.
Currency Formats a number into currency form. Example: "10" becomes "10.00".