Version .

Release Notes

  • Mailer content bin will now prevent you from composing an email without a "from" email address.
  • Added live chat back
  • Added photo_info API method - post a photo_id to receive a photo object back.
  • Added site link to header bar when an account site url is set through the Account Settings page.
  • Fixed bug related to added a custom drop down field which is filled by a Gallery type content bin.
  • Podcast bins will now automatically set audio duration
  • You can now click on an uploaded file to open the file.
  • Podcast bins: iTunes RSS feed will now add a subtitle node if a custom field named "sub_title" exists
  • Podcast bins: iTunes RSS item limit is now 1000 (previously 100).
  • Added new Developer settings permission level, which controls access to content bins and bin settings areas.
  • Fixed bug which prevented deleting user groups.

Coming Soon

  • Bin configuration JSON export, and bin creation based on JSON config file.