Version .

Release Notes

  • Fixed bugs in rich text image inserter and added a "style" field to define image styles
  • When using a drop down custom field that's filled with data from another content bin, you can now access the second content bin's custom fields through the template parser. Example: [custom_field_key second_bin_custom_field_key], or [event sub_title] where "event" is the custom field name, and "sub_title" is a custom field name in the second bin. Note that any actions passed after the custom field will be applied to the value. Example: [event sub_title truncate 15 ...]
  • Fixed bug in custom field "Show When" functionality to allow field to be shown only when another checkbox field is unchecked.
  • Added urlencode template parsing action to string based values. Example: [title urlencode].
  • Added "variant" to font chooser data.
  • Updated Photo Gallery image upload process.
  • Updated template parser to allow access to album data from within a photos loop. Example: [photos][album title][/photos]
  • Added code mirror editors for CSS, JS, and HTML to custom fields
  • Added image cropping to newer image inspectors.