Version 3.0

Version 3.0. .

Release Notes

  • Added video custom field (works with Vimeo and YouTube video URLs)
  • Added drop-down type custom fields.
  • Added video, geocode, and drop-down field types to setting content bin
  • Added nested entry functionality for multi-entry type content bins. Create a custom field with the keyword "parent_id" and set it to fill with the same section.
  • Added account wide postback setting (under account settings).
  • File and photo uploads now support drag and drop!
  • New photo preview window lets you see all sizes for any image
  • Updated template parsing to allow for multiple instances of array loops (for example, multiple uses of [items][/items] in a single template).
  • Sections are now called Content Bins, and bin_id replaces section_id in API calls
  • Geocode field data is now saved as a JSON string instead of a pipe seperated list of values.
  • Fixed bug that put new items into random posiitions when in custom sort. New items will now go to the bottom of the list when in custom sort.
  • New data added to google analytics in the dashboard, including graphs.
  • The custom fields tab is now auto selected after creating or updating a custom field
  • A new "only photos uploaded to this section" is included when choosing a photo from the media vault.
  • For drop-down custom fields that are set to fill with data from another section, you can now access other variables from the referenced item in your templates. Example: [custom_drop_down title] would return the title of the item selected, and [custom_drop_down photo 100x100x1] would return the photo from the selected item at 100x100px cropped.
  • Added new item inspector. Click the "i" link anywhere you see and a sidebar will slide in, showing information about the item.
  • Fixed bug in template parsing for file fields which would return a blank value.
  • Fixed CSS issues for FireFox
  • Added an "Insert from media vault" option for photo gallery sections
  • Removed user images (no one used them anyway!).
  • Added select "display" action keyword for getting the display value from drop-down custom fields. Example: [custom_drop_down display]
  • Removed album cover from photo gallery sections. The album cover is now the first image from the album.
  • Added last_modified and editor values to template parsing. last_modified returns a date, and editor returns the user that made the last modification
  • Geocode custom fields now include the keyword "embed" for template parsing. Example: [address_field embed 500] will generate a google maps embed code at 500px wide.
  • There is now export to csv functionality for contacts sections.
  • When creating custo fields and fiels in a settings content bin, the keyword is now forced to lower case, and converted to a url safe version (spaces and special characters are removed).
  • Fixed a bug that cuased an error when referencing comments in a template with the "use comments" option turned off.